Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Record Underwater

A Record Underwater

Do you believe in the theory that smokers don’t have powers underwater? Say YES and I’ll be proud to spit this on your face: I’ve been underwater for 1.5 minutes, without snorkel, and was able to pose. Hail to the Chain Smokers League of the Philippines! A “layman’s theory” had just been Scrapped!

The first paragraph is absolutely pointless and senseless. Well, I’m just happy to spread the message that I was able to pose underwater, that’s all. For me, it’s an achievement because not everybody who smokes furiously can pose underwater, I believe. Also, I was able to surpass my friends' underwater posing skills. Note that he doesn't smoke! Ever!

Another thing, though this is not new to everyone but, what is more amazing in my discovery is that I was able to create bubbles, extraordinary bubbles, underwater. Aside from releasing intestinal gases through my anus – I wonder how the bubbles smells like after it puffs – I was able to create bubbles with smoke inside. Amazing right? For me it’s beeeeaaautiful! How I wish we owned one of those underwater video cameras so that I could show you guys the beauty of what I’ve mentioned.

Readers please bear with me, those things could be so simple for you, but for me, it gives me fleeting happiness and a smile that I can keep for at least, five minutes? xD.

My next mission is to perfectly fry an egg – a sunny-side up with the yellow yolk strictly at the center and is intact (forms a close-to-perfect circle) ‘till served.

Note: I don't have proofreading talents. Sorry. xD. Effort ra kaayo noh?

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