Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Standing steady on a cliff
Sharply staring at the water below
Reminiscing my tragic history
Anticipating what would happen if I make another dive

I have done this before
It feels so good at first
But the bliss has become a tragedy
and it ends like a disaster

Closed eyes, again I dare to dive
Here with me is my guts
Experience, magic wand and a bunch
Of Christmas lights

120km/hr. no brakes!
(ga dive: (shout)ang sikad palihog kog parking)

Undressed my life jacket
Untangled from my fears
Unstrung from my apprehensions

Afraid to see what lies ahead

*abri isa ka mata*

OMayGahd! Im 60 Feet under

Gud Lak sa Shark! Aw!

*memba libre, Marimar Aw!*


“Lovers of Nowhere”

Though unsure, yet they traveled

For them, uncertainty is not a hindrance but a positive force that gives them the thrill

A pleasure that lasts ‘till the end of the show.

A fervor that converted their trepidation into bliss

Time may be too cruel for them

Distance may rip them apart

Hesitation may vanquish their emotions

But their passion is unshakable

And their feelings is invincible

The speed of their untamed emotions gives adrenalin

To their endless journey to a place they do not know

To a place where love may come and never go

To a place apposite for the lovers of nowhere

note: Pinaka-una naq nga ambot unsa ni..T.T