Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Ho and Ha (null and alternative?)

As a student, syempre! I arrived at school at exactly 9:30 and my exam is set on 1:40 P.M., so, I have ample time to scan my “notes”. As a daily routine, I need to hit some “smoke” before I let guards touch my sexy waist.

Hooooooo!(Ho) There is no significant difference if I stop smoking. Haaaaaaaaaaaa!(Ha) There is………Hoooooo! Smoke is in my lungs adding nicotine to my blood. Haaaaaaaaaaa! Smoke is out and it’s carbon dioxide for the trees. I smoke because I care for the trees – altruism. X.x

Hoooo…I can’t breathe! Miss Xyc.23 passing through, and she takes by breathe away. (cheesy). I really wanted to stop smoking! I just can’t. Haaaaa..There is, if I can….

To all the trying hard smokers, please STOP SMOKING! You don't know how it feels like to be addicted.

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