Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Standing steady on a cliff
Sharply staring at the water below
Reminiscing my tragic history
Anticipating what would happen if I make another dive

I have done this before
It feels so good at first
But the bliss has become a tragedy
and it ends like a disaster

Closed eyes, again I dare to dive
Here with me is my guts
Experience, magic wand and a bunch
Of Christmas lights

120km/hr. no brakes!
(ga dive: (shout)ang sikad palihog kog parking)

Undressed my life jacket
Untangled from my fears
Unstrung from my apprehensions

Afraid to see what lies ahead

*abri isa ka mata*

OMayGahd! Im 60 Feet under

Gud Lak sa Shark! Aw!

*memba libre, Marimar Aw!*


1 comment:

elan said...

wa jd to nako gituyo n tuklodun ka.aneth pa ai...