Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Open Message

For years I’ve been searching for my long lost love, but you, you might be the new beginning, a creation that even the gods and the wicked witches could not even think of.

Yes you are, you are the love,
And you are the artisan that may craft every inch of my being.

The old wizard in my dreams that can turn ice into shake, stones into small stones, mangoes into mango jam, More into Marlboro and best of all coffee into coffelatte,

The Hannibal in my nightmares that eats every piece of my despair and loneliness leaving a shower of ecstasy that soothes even to my dead nails.

The Aragon that gives fatal blows that leaves me speechless, the feeling of being anaesthetized by the slashes of a deadly hollow.

The Blacksmith that can unveil the true emotions of a heart made from the finest stones of suffering and despair.

Monsterriffic, Godlike, Animalistic, Magnificent, Hannibal, Flesh eater, Sorcerer, Magician, Mamaligyaay, tindera og isda, manuroyay og palitaw, security guard sa IIT, Bartender, Anarkista, punkista, Batista, Vegetarian, Bavarian, Barbarian, Barbaric..ugbp...

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